Friday, February 15, 2008

God's Handiwork

There is nothing about this picture that I don't love. The gleam in her eye, the tiny smile, the carefulness of her hand, the green masterpiece drying on the table. Even Layla's high chair and sippy cup back there make me smile. The Lord spoke very personally to me yesterday about what Natalie needs from me right now and I have been inspired to get back to basics. We haven't turned on the cartoons in two days and I have found things for her to do that inspire her creative side and that we can enjoy together. We have discovered that she loves any and all art projects and I'm so happy that God has given such creative juices to my little girl, since I have found so much fulfillment in creativity as well. So, we are not putting quite as much emotional energy into the potty training for now, although we are still trying, and more emphasis on just living. The result? The sweet, happy, positive Natalie that I know and love has returned and so has a happier Mommy. Now if I can only get an epiphany about these endless mountains of laundry!

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  1. Good job! It's great to love your job, don't you think?