Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy LOVE Day!

We woke up to some nice little treats this morning. Casey left me these chocolates and chocolate rose. Yes, there are already two missing in this picture. There might be three missing now :) The girls got some new books from me and Daddy and a new pillowcase (for Natalie) and some new bibs (for Layla), handmade by Granny. Not to mention the ice cream money. AND, the friends we had over for dinner last night brought them some heart cookies.

We also woke up so a big snow storm this morning, after 60-degree weather yesterday! I skipped Bible study this morning, since Layla's getting over a cold and because I did not have a chance to make my twenty valentines to pass out to the other ladies. The snow was the decision-maker. The effort to get out the door greatly increases where snow is involved :)

Thanks for the encouraging words about the potty training. We do have two more stickers on the chart, so we are making slow progress, I suppose.

I'm off to iTunes for the new Jack Johnson. Happy Valentines Day!!!!


  1. Yay!! He did it... any prompting or was it just on his own? I'm glad you got your chocolates! Hope you're having a fantabulous day.

    Love ya!

  2. These guys are doing really good this year!! I'm so impressed. Hope you girls are having a wonderful day. I wish we saw snow here. We saw about 3 inches that stayed around about 6 hours a few weeks ago and that's all we get! Glad to see things are going well with the potty chart. She'll get there!!!