Thursday, June 5, 2014

yes, deer

I was able to sweep aside the Lego Mixels and snag a few minutes on the computer. Maybe I should have a computer time schedule posted or something. And everyone would have to sign up for time slots. As if I'm good at sticking to schedules, haaahahahaha!

I was also able to snag some sewing time yesterday!  I ordered two fabrics from and they arrived in just a few days! To Hawaii! I've used a Girl Charlee exclusive knit before and that top is showing zero signs of wear, even though I wear it pretty often. When I spotted this deer print knit, I just couldn't resist. I could use a little whimsy in my closet ;) I bought three yards and I only used about half for this dress:
 This is a mash-up of The Lady Skater pattern and New Look 6210, which I made just recently. I just like the top of that pattern a lot (you know how I love a racerback!) and this time I really perfected the fit by adding darts at the arm holes, which you can see in the next pic, along with a close up of the cute deer print :)
 Now that I've perfected this pattern on me, I will be making this over and over, I think! I could mix it up and use a gathered skirt or embellish the bodice, maybe. These kind of dresses are my thing in the Summer!

Yes, my views are this pretty from all three of my lanais, one of my favorite reasons we took this house! and no, my legs are not quite as abnormally tan as this picture portrays, ha!

I think I'll make a cute sleep set (I have this Gertie pattern I'm wanting to try) with the rest of the fabric and I'll probably still have enough to make Layla something cute. Although, this is more Natalie's color. But, that's okay because Girl Charlee also has this cute horse print and Layla loves horses.

Maybe it's time to place another order.

I've linked this post up at Simple Simon and Company. Pretty fun seeing others' creations, so I decided to share my own this time :) Welcome, if that's how you found me!


  1. It's even cuter all made up!!!! I have reeeeaaallly want to snatch up some of that deer print since you showed a sneak peek on Instagram, but I have so many cute fabrics already waiting to be sewn up. I will resist. I will resist. Maybe.

  2. Cute dress...looks nice on you! Yes it is a beautiful view!!!

  3. I love the way you melded the two patterns together!! The end result is beautiful. It is worth it to make more.