Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cabana Stripes

What's the criteria for making a pattern a "tried and true" one? This is my fourth make of this pattern (McCall's 6744) and I still really love all the previous versions, so I'm thinking that qualifies :)

Although it's a pattern for knits, I've made it twice now out of a woven fabric and I actually think it works better for wovens. My knit versions ended up having waaaaay too much ease and I took them in quite a bit.

This rayon is the other fabric I got from with the deer print and I love these stripes so much! The colors really won me over. The stripes were printed really wonky and I was afraid it wouldn't even be usable, but once I laid it out to cut, it was a non-issue. Whew!

My sewing machine is taking a hiatus while I do some scrapbooking. I realized I wasn't feeling very inspired to sew anything this last week. Maybe it's because I don't really feel like I have any holes in my wardrobe right now? Ordinarily, I'd have the changing seasons to look forward to sewing for, but that's not really going to be so much of an issue here. So, hmmmmmm.... What to sew, what to sew?


  1. Great save! Turned out beautifully :)

  2. I like it! You definitely have a TNT pattern here!

  3. Love it Nikki! You look so pretty in your knit dresses.

  4. You tell us it has wonky stripes, then you go and match up the seams all perfect like. :o)