Thursday, June 19, 2014


I've been doing quite a bit of scrapbooking this week. It's a mistake to scrapbook over a year after your photos were taken--it will make you sad and homesick, ha! I start to long for the littleness of my children and for the house we left in Aurora and for the friends and the life we had there.

I know it's just a huge material item, but jeez, I loved that house! It was the only house we'd every picked out ourselves. Together. And we owned it (still own it) and we poured our time and energy into it and it fit our family so beautifully. So I'm not saying that I'm not happy where I am or where we were in Virginia, but it's okay to miss it there, right? The house only represents in my mind the life we had there. Life is good here too! But I sometimes need reminding. 

Occassionally I grab my camera and take some simple shots to remind myself that my life is beautiful. The camera misses the mess that's happening in the rest of the room and zeros in on the pieces that I find lovely and the little bits that make it home here. And a year or two from now, I know I'll be scrapbooking these photos and remembering this life as lovingly as I'm remembering that one :)

Cheers :)


  1. For all of you, Colorado will always be "home" and the best memories of all. All these new "memories" you are creating...frosting on the cake. :)

  2. That quote is just perfect! I think I need it in my house somewhere too. :o)