Monday, June 9, 2014

Perfect Pattern Parcel: Jorna Dress

This is the first time I've bought one of these pattern parcels. It's a name your own price thing, but I really wanted the bonus pattern so I went ahead and paid the $28.50 to get all six patterns, of which there's only one that I probably won't use. Still not a bad price for five patterns! After waiting a week to actually print one (because the printer I've been hoping would die finally did and I ordered a new one), I got started on the Jorna Dress first.

I had a knit that I picked up a huge chunk of in the remnant section of my fabric store here that was perfect for this.
 I was very leery of this pattern while cutting, I'm not gonna lie. The pattern piece is the same for the front and back and I don't know about you, but I don't have a bust on my back, ha! So I was pleasantly surprised at how this funny looking pattern piece came together into a super cute and really comfortable dress!!
I love how the hem comes up on the sides creating a shirt tail effect. I made the "jumper" length. The dress length would have been too long for me, but I do think next time I'll add a little length to this version.

I lowered the neckline and I skipped the facings and did a regular bound neckline and arm holes with strips of my fabric. I also added the tie belt. I think if I make this again and do not intend to include a tie belt, I'll add a center back seam so I can contour it to the curve of my back.

Can't wait to make some more of these patterns!


  1. I have always hesitated to do a print your own pattern on anything full sized. I worry I might not have the scale right and waste a lot of ink printing something unusable. Have you ever run into anything like that?

    The color of this dress is soooo pretty! This looks like a dress you could just live in. :o)

    1. I have never had a problem, you just have to click the "scale" button and type in 100% just before printing. However, I do only buy pdf patterns that are simple! Too many pieces and the taping process makes it all a lot less worth it haha.

  2. So cute, Nikki. The color is pretty on you! I think this is the first time I've seen you in this particular color.

  3. This looks adorable on you. And a great color fabric too!

  4. That purple looks great on you. Is the weight of your knit a light/thinner one? I have some cotton/lycra in my stash that is bouncy but slightly heavy and I'm wondering if it would work or if I need to go do some more fabric shopping.

    I bought that pattern parcel as well. I've made a bombshell and a couple of staple dresses but am just now opening the jorna dress pattern to check out the pieces.