Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm all for versatility!

I had a great pinstripe chambray in my stash from my last Denver Fabrics haul before leaving Colorado. I considered several things for it, but finally decided I wanted something very basic, since it's a neutral fabric and I'd like to be able to layer it and wear it many different ways. I definitely succeeded with that goal with this dress!

I used New Look 6080, a basic shift dress with cute pleating at the top neckline for a little interest. Here's the dress alone:
 And here it is worn six different ways! It can be dressy or casual (top left) or even take on the look of a pencil skirt (bottom center).
I spent a while on fitting and am glad I did so because everything about this dress is very comfortable. The armholes don't cut in when I cross my arms, it doesn't hug anywhere it's not supposed to, it's a perfect length and I adjusted the center back seam to the curve of my back. Happy to have such a neutral and basic piece in my wardrobe. It's definitely getting packed in my suitcase when we leave!

Speaking of which, Casey officially passed his Captain's Career Course this morning. He has been completely consumed with this huge final project for about a week and a half and even had to go in to work over the weekend, both days. So he definitely hasn't been in moving mode with all that going on. But, after he passed this morning, he texted and said he's ready to move to Hawaii, haha! So now the true prep can begin. I am thankful I have him here to help because I get overwhelmed with the to-dos quite easily, especially because kids do not stop needed fed, bathed, educated and cared for just because we are moving. I remind myself often that the kids are not the disruption here. They are my priority, it's the move that's the disruption! This helps me keep my focus. If they movers pack the pile of junk I meant to donate or a dirty dish rag, so be it, as long as the kids are secure :)


  1. Love the versatility of this dress!!!!!!!! And the fit is great!

  2. Congrats to Casey! You picked the perfect pattern for that fabric...very nice!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, the fit is perfection! This is one of those shapes that looks so effortless when it fits, but frumpy when it doesn't. Your time was well spent in the fitting.