Thursday, March 20, 2014

Stitchfix #2!!!

It's Stitchfix day!!! I tell ya what, when you get a Stitchfix box in the mail, you do not want to bother setting up the tripod and getting your camera ready, which is why this post contains *gasp* iphone selfies of me in my Stitchfix items. Please forgive me. When you sign up, which you can do with this link:
then you will understand.

Stitchfix, for a super fast recap, is a service where you fill out a fun style profile, pay a $20 styling fee (which later goes toward your purchase) and a stylist sends you 5 high-quality items to try on. You pay for what you want and send back what you don't, in the prepaid envelope. Easy and FUN!

This box was waaaaay more my style than my first one. I can really tell that my stylist got the gist of my Pinterest board (which I linked to in my profile), as everything in this box was very "me".

First up, a striped knit top and some orange shorts:
 It is SO funny, I have seriously been wanting some orange shorts! I just told Casey a few weeks ago, some orange shorts would fit nicely into my wardrobe. I even attained some orange fabric to make some, but I won't be able to sew after the movers come on Monday for several weeks, so I was beyond thrilled to find these shorts in my fix and even more thrilled when they fit perfectly! I absolutely love the color, they go with soooo many of my handmade tops, which is why I was wanting orange shorts. I really love that top too, it's very soft and fits great and I do love me some nautical stripes. But, living in Hawaii, I don't see myself getting much wear out of it since it has longish sleeves :-/
 This blue top was beautiful and the back was really pretty, but it gives me a bit of a maternity vibe. Sending this one back.
 Next up, a knit maxi dress. I like this dress in theory! The lace at the top is a nice unusual touch and I love lace. However, the fabric is thin and clingy and the stripes through the hips aren't hitting me in a very flattering spot. Furthermore, as a seamstress, the non-matching of the stripes on the side seams bug me A LOT! I would never make something that looks like this! Big stripes are easy to match so it's clear there was no trying here. I don't think I would choose this particular thin fabric for a maxi dress either. Who wants to wear a full slip with a dress that's supposed to be a cool summer outfit? This dress is going back too.
 The fifth item in my box was this great canvas tote! I'm pretty sure I'm keeping this, I think it will be great for the beach, but even more so, I think it will be great for all the travel I have coming up. It's very deep, so nothing will be spilling out, but things will still be accessible.
So this time, I am keeping the orange shorts and the tote. And I'm thrilled with my second Stitchfix experience! I always actually hope I won't like all five pieces 'cause I probably couldn't afford them all and I'd have to choose and that would just be traumatic, ha!

To make up for the cell-phone pics, I took some actual nice camera/tripod photos of my new shorts with the top I was working on as this Stitchfix arrived.  Spooky.
 My friend Jenn in Reno went iphone fabric shopping for me again (she takes pics at her fabric store and shops for me) and this knit was one she sent. It is the softest knit fabric I have ever had! When the box came, I was on my couch draped in lovely fabrics, feeling them and smelling them, knowing they'll be going in boxes come Monday. But, I just couldn't resist sewing this one up before I left. And I cannot believe how perfectly it matches my shorts. Crazy!

So, again, if you decided to sign up for Stitchfix and give it a try because it is just SO MUCH FUN, you can use my link and I get credit! And you can can get credit when you sign up and tell your friends too and they sign up. Sweet, right!?



  1. I'm so angry at those unmatched stripes! Hahaha!

    What a cool concept. Love the shorts!!!

  2. I was disappointed that you weren't keeping the striped maxi...I thought it looked nice...until I scrolled down and saw the badly mismatched stripes. The look on your face in that picture says it all. You can make your own striped maxi dress!!! That tote really is perfect for traveling. What about back packs?

    1. Yes, I do plan on making my own! I can do better ;) And backpacks are definitely what we'll be using on the plane, all the kids have their own. Now let's just see how much of their stuff I end up carrying anyway, ha!

  3. Isn't it silly how much retail clothing isn't up to our own sewing standards? I let myself be a little more relaxed and get away with sewing less than perfect and it's still nicer that what I could buy!

    Orange shorts are the best!!!! And I adore that top...I'm pretty sure I bought the pattern after seeing you make it before. :o) You always find patterns with the best "backs"!