Thursday, September 19, 2013

the cue

I read this idea on another blog, but then my Mom already had this going on in her sewing room, so maybe I'm late to the party. I took a few minutes while some new fabric was in the dryer to set up a little sewing cue for myself. I stapled a swatch of fabric to the pattern I have in mind for it and put them aside in a little basket.

 It's already working out great and proving a time saver for me. I don't have to dig through my fabrics and patterns again each time I'm ready to start a new project. I get hung up in all my pattern bins and have a hard time remembering or deciding what to make next!
 Oh, that's not all of them, those are just the womens clothing patterns.
Here are the rest--kids clothes, craft patterns, costumes and doll clothes. It's a lot.
So I'm liking the cue system. I don't have them in a special order, I still just pick what I want to sew next by flipping through the choices in my basket. It also helps me remember and actually get to the things I've promised to make for the kids. Last night I whipped up two pair of flannel pajama pants for Kelby :)

If you sew, do you have a simple system like this?


  1. Hi. Nice post. I don't have a system so to speak. Right now, I have my patterns in two bins. Don't have a sewing room, but sewing space (no shelves) so space is limited.

    I saved this for future reference. :-) Thanks.

  2. good idea! I keep my patterns in bins as well, so easy to flip thru them. But for matching, I keep a garment/pattern inventory on Evernote and thumbnails of my fabric on my computer. Anything is easier than going thru the stash!