Tuesday, September 17, 2013

feels like Fall!

Well, for the first few weeks we were here, it did NOT feel like Fall to me at all! In fact, it kinda felt like we'd gone backwards into Summer again, haha! But, it has begun to cool off here at last. In fact, this morning it was light jacket weather even :)

Since I know the winters are much milder here than I'm used to, I've begun sewing some transitional Fall pieces for my wardrobe. Making short sleeved tops in Fall colors or even long sleeved ones in light fabrics in Fall colors is a good way to do this.

My first make in my Virginia sewing space was Butterick 5924.
I got this fabric at Denver Fabrics before I left and I really love the colors and the light weight of it. When you buy fabrics from their bargain section, though, which is pretty much all I buy there, you don't get washing instructions or fabric content. After I washed this, it really waffled up into a seersucker feel! I wasn't sure how cutting and sewing on it was going to be because it was difficult to press flat again. So I didn't have high hopes, but I ended up really liking it a lot! I like the length and I think it's perfect with skinny jeans and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it this Fall and Winter.

I don't have any cool outside walls here to take pictures against here. There are no fences in the yards either and I would feel like a big dork setting up my tripod out in the open and taking pics of myself, ha! So, I'll have to get creative with the indoor photos--you'll probably be seeing more of my piano in the future ;)

I finished another top last night! Can't wait to wear it and show you because it's great!! Next I'm going to cut out a skirt. I gave myself September to sew for myself and then in October, the costume sewing must begin!

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  1. Oh it turned out super great! My poor pattern is just sitting there in the bag. :o( Seeing yours is really making me want to cut it out RIGHT NOW. :o)