Monday, September 30, 2013

at the seashore

We went to Virginia Beach on Saturday. We waited so long because they were having the annual Neptune Festival last weekend and we wanted to see the giant sandcastles. We arrived just as the parade was about to start. The kids were loving it, but I knew the vast ocean was just across that street, where the real awe awaited them.

(for you, Dad :)

But the absolute best part of the entire day was catching the kids' first reaction to the ocean. It is now one of my favorite memories ever. They caught a glimpse and just cheered and took off running, with smiles as big as those waves. Can you see the little bits of ocean on the horizon in this pic?

We waded in to the very edge and Kelby fell over with the first wave, ha! But, they all got knocked over at some point. Even though I told them we had no clean clothes (my mistake!) and that it was too cold to actually do any "swimming". The wet clothes didn't get them down, though, they all agreed it was the best day ever.

I almost got knocked over too! And with my camera, eek! Those sneaky waves! Next time, I think I'll bring my other camera, which I'm glad I kept when I upgraded ... just in case. No camera is not an option, though, I'm so glad I took mine and captured these precious memories!!
 I didn't tell Layla to throw up a peace sign in front of a VW van, but it does make this a perfect shot, doesn't it?
 It was very windy! My hair was it's own entity, haha!

 That's a surfer in the background! We watched a couple of them for awhile. Pretty cool. And brave, I would never do that.

 And then on the way home this happened...
A rock flew out of a guy's trailer and hit the windshield. Bummer!! We joked that at least a new windshield is a good way to get the bugs off, hahahaha!


  1. Bravo! Gorgeous! I'm actually thinking their Ocean Joy is genetic. Another generation of Sand Crabs. Hurray!

  2. The best day ever!!! So cool that the children loved the ocean...wait till they see Hawaii. Thank you sooo much for posting the pictures...they re gorgeous!!! I also love the ocean, so looking at them made my day.

  3. Beautiful! I guess living in Colorado you didn't see the ocean too much. :-)