Tuesday, March 19, 2013

too pouf, or not too pouf?

I finished my Easter dress sewing and went to work on my little bin of garment fabrics. I've been holding off making things with the more summery fabrics until the Summer pattern lines came out, because I was wholly unimpressed with the Spring lines, for the most part. But, the new Summer lines are not disappointing, I have a running list ready, just waiting for those sales!

I bought Butterick 5892 a few weeks ago, but was unsure of this style on me. In the spirit of branching out, though, I grabbed a lightweight fabric from my bin that I like, but don't love (it's a mystery fabric, but I'm pretty sure it's polyester, which accounts for the not loving part).

I whipped it up and tried it on last night and Casey said, "It's a little too ... poufy?" So I put it aside and tried it on again this morning, with the right kind of top and I decided I like it! (It draped on the step there, in that pic, without me realizing it, it does not stick out like that normally, haha!)
While I don't think it's the most slimming silhouette for me, with a fitted top,  I think it's really pretty and it feel flowy and comfortable. And a bit regal when I walk down the stairs, hehe.

Part of the problem is that I grabbed the wrong size pattern and so was forced to cut a size larger than I would have if I'd bought the Medium size. Duh. Think I oughta know by now, right?

The new Simplicity patterns are up on the site and look great! Unfortunately, there are zero pattern sales in the current JoAnn's flyer. Bummer.


  1. I like it with the fitted top, I'm sure with a loose top it all swallowed you.

    I'm a bit jealous you have finished your Easter sewing...I laid out my pattern pieces 2 nights ago and the baby woke up! Haven't touched them since, maybe tonight. :o)

    I found you not too long ago and have been looking at your old posts. I enjoy seeing a lot of the patterns I own sewn up. I bought a lot right before getting pregnant, so I had to hold off a while on sewing for me. :o)


  2. Very sweet outfit! I love following along as you sew! you're very talented! And I love how you actually DO IT! From start to finish! I'm a quilter and have tons of projects all over the place. A few finished but most all in different stages of completion!