Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ninja Layla

What a lovely day!! The weather today is even better than yesterday! And, even though my kids have a minor cold, it was a good excuse to be able to sit out of some commitments and be slow. I've sewn, done laundry, made tea in cute kid mugs and poured baths with extra bubbles :)

I have some awesome pics of my awesome Layla girl in her Taekwon Do uniform! She had been asking for awhile if she could take "ninja class". She was invested, checking out books from the library, studying the moves of the Power Rangers and attempting them herself on a daily basis. Thankfully, there is a studio literally a mile away and so we signed her up. She's been taking classes for 5 weeks and is learning so fast, I'm super proud of her! Not to mention how adorable she is when she yells hiya and keeps up with the boys when they run laps!

I finally got some pics of her in uniform. So, Grandparents, enjoy :)

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