Thursday, August 23, 2012

sewing right along

As I mentioned in passing, I moved my sewing downstairs to our basement about three weeks ago. Initially I did it because the living room gets a bit crowded when we homeschool, but there were many added blessings to this decision. It's not nearly as pretty down there, but it sure has solved a lot of issues for me, some that I've been praying about for awhile. Funny how we pray about things and then we're surprised when God answered and we didn't even notice until after the fact. Sometimes hobbies can become what they shouldn't and take priority over other necessary things. I've felt for awhile now (years if I'm being honest) that it's easy for me to let sewing, which is just a hobby, become a selfish outlet and take priority over other clearly more important things. Putting my sewing space in a less visible, less accessible (during the day) area has really helped clear up this problem for me. Casey and I hang out down there together in the evenings, he plays his X-box and I get to sew. He considers this quality time and is actually thrilled to have me down there with him :) I can also spread out down there and don't have to keep quite as tidy with my sewing messes. Added benefit.

Something else I've been praying for is to develop a deeper love for cooking. Sounds silly, but in all honesty, although I like to eat, we are a pretty healthy-eating family and I am somewhat of a good cook, it's never been my favorite--mostly because I don't like to clean it up, ha! Somehow, now that I rarely sew in the daylight hours, what else is there to do when the kids don't need me but to hang out in the kitchen and cook?? Funnily enough, cooking is turning into something I genuinely like to do, rather than drudgery. I find myself planning better and even planning prep to make the clean-up easier. So, the Lord is answering my prayer!

My house has been cleaner too. Can't imagine why ;)

Anyway, since finishing Kelby's quilt, I've managed to make a few things. I had bought a knit shirt from Target clearance that I really liked the fit of and thought maybe I could copy it, since it's really only two pieces, front and back. I pulled out a knit that I liked, but didn't love and was really cheap, so I wouldn't be upset if it didn't work out. But, I actually really like it!
 Since it turned out so well, I immediately cut out my next version! I got this awesome bordered mesh fabric at Denver Fabrics, in hopes that this would work out. I absolutely love the color and the gorgeous border. I'm sure to make more versions of this simple top in the future cause it looks so different in various fabrics and it's really fast to cut out and sew up.
 Lastly, yesterday I finished a cardigan out of this striped sweater knit that I've had for about a year now and have been saving just for this purpose. I'm glad it finally got done! Our weather is starting to cool and with the sleeve length on this, it's a perfect transitional piece for Fall! It's Simplicity 2206 and I did add a bit of length. It's really soft, really comfortable and I think it will go with a lot of things!
That's it for now!

Cheers :)


  1. You are sewing up a storm considering you have a family! You go girl! That's awesome to hear that moving your sewing space has worked out for you unexpectedly. Let's hope more is to come :)

  2. I found your blog on quilting gallery and have been reading through your posts. Love Kelby's quilt, the K in the middle, the dot binding. All great.
    I also totally get what you mean about prayers answered. Awhile ago I was praying for a few things and suddenly a friend was put on bedrest for six weeks. I took in her toddler while her husband was at work and through that all the things I was worried about were solved. It's kinda funny that an extra toddler solved my problems, but it did. God knows what we need.
    That was kinda long, maybe should have just sent you an email!
    love the shirt too by the way. It can be hard to find things that fit just right.