Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kelby's Quilt

I did it, I finished! Feels like I've been working on this quilt forever!! It is one of the largest I've made (his mattress is a Full, but I made it closer to Queen size, just cause it worked out that way), so it was a bit more time consuming. Plus, not using a pattern is definitely more fun, but probably more time consuming too. Worth it, I think :) I should mention that this quilt was inspired by this lovely quilt.

He's been pretty attached to it all day. Rolling himself into a cocoon inside of it, laying it out flat and trying to break dance on it--in his undies. If you didn't notice, he doesn't love wearing clothes these days. When we're home, this is his uniform.

He's a happy boy :)

And I get to sew other things, woot!

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