Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blogging without pressure

I know, it's been a week since I've blogged! No guilt though, I blog without obligation, ha!

School is in full swing and our homeschool is still going great! I will forever be grateful for the friend who turned me in Five in a Row's direction because it is exactly what I've been looking for.  Those two adorable guys, Ping and Lentil already hold a place in all our hearts :)

Fall wardrobe planning, buying and sewing is in full swing! The leaves on our trees are changing and the weather is supposed to be in the 80's the rest of the week and the 70's on the weekend!! Can't wait. Yesterday, on Labor Day, we hit three thrift stores that had 1/2 off everything sales and outfitted our kids for Fall. It was such an easy way to do it when all three children need a complete Fall wardrobe and we spent relatively little for a LOT of stuff!

But, as for me and my clothes, I've been sewing! I've made the girls a dress each, me two dresses and a cardigan and a bag, but have only managed to photograph two of those things.

I made the cardigan from McCall's 6559, which is the reason I bought the pattern. I had two knits set aside for this and I started with the one liked a bit less (although I like both a lot), hoping to like the end product enough to make it again. I definitely do!
 I love the length of this longer version (post-baby bellies cannot pull off "cropped" shirts of any kind, if ya know what I mean) and I like that I can tie it in front or in back, for a ballerina wrap effect. I would have arranged the front a bit differently in the below photo if I hadn't been to lazy too go inside and look in a mirror :) This cardigan will go with a lot of things and so will the next one, out of a gorgeous blue sweater knit!
 Can't leave out the real-life photo. Natalie is almost always hugging me these day, she seems to need an extra dose of affection, which I am happy to give, and Kelby, still preferring the clothes-less look, now has marker on his legs and two fading tattoos on his arms. The crazy face was his idea. Nice.
Any tips on how to get an especially stubborn son to stay in his room at bedtime would be more than welcome. Just don't give me something super unhelpful that only works on the most compliant of children, cause that ain't the situation here, hahaha!

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  1. Nice dress, and beautiful children! I know you will come up with a great Fall wardrobe plan. As far as help with bedtime routines for your little one, consistency is key. Keep the same routine--bath, story, prayer, bedtime, etc. each night. And if he gets out of bed, put him back in without engaging him. (this makes you seem as boring as possible, so he will finally get that you are not having a party while he sleeps, and he won't get attention if he is up).

    Keep in mind that you are going to need a good 2 weeks of this consistent training in order to see results. You will want to give up, depending on how strong willed your child is, but hang in there, pray, and stay encouraged, because he will get it, and go to sleep in his bed without a fuss.

    A nighttime cozy like a favorite animal also helps.

    This is just a suggestion. It helped a lot with both of our kids, now 5 and 3, who don't fight us on sleep issues anymore. I wish you the best!