Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kid Stuff

I have a "kid stuff" board on Pinterest and in the last few weeks, I've put some of the good ideas I've pinned there to use!

A few weeks ago, I invited my play group gals over to paint my driveway with sidewalk chalk paint and it was super fun and my house was so colorful until Casey cleaned it off a few days later :)
Here's what you do: Mix equal parts water and corn starch in muffin tins and add food coloring. That's all! Foam brushes work the best, but even still, it takes a minute for it to dry a bit and show up on the sidewalk. My kids requested more and more after all the fun they had that day.

The moms wasted no time in picking through the beautiful hair bows made by my friend Jennica of Bow-Crazy Hair Bows, which you can find here.

At our July 4th party, I put together some mega bubble wand things that I found in Family Fun magazine. After two different brands of store-bought bubble solution, though, we still had no luck. But then I found a recipe for homemade giant bubble solution and tried again for a party we hosted yesterday and it worked and it was AWESOME!! It was so much fun for the kids...and for me, I couldn't seem to stay away, haha :)

Here's the recipe:
I would highly recommend trying this--it's fun for all ages. 
It took some practice for the kids, but they all got the hang of it after a few tries. 
We also tried some pipe cleaner wands like these (also courtesy of Pinterest). 
The parents at yesterday's party got pretty creative with these; I'm pretty sure I saw a pipe cleaner super hero wandering around :)

Next up, I would really love to make a few of these super hero peg dolls for Kelby's birthday. I'm hoping Casey will help me 'cause he's artsy fartsy and all:

Speaking of super heroes, I love this photo of my friend's son Ethan. He wore the cape I made him for his birthday to our sidewalk painting party :)
This is why I love sewing for the little ones in my life! 

You can find/follow my "Kid Stuff" board on Pinterest here


  1. These are amazing ideas! Thanks for sharing them!!

  2. I can't wait to make these. We love sidewalk paint and bubbles and homemade will just be better. Thanks. BTW did you make the huge bubble wands with sticks and string too?