Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Support the Tea Party...

of this variety, of course:
Sometimes a guy just wants to have some water...out of a Princess tea cup...with a spoon...

Does anyone else still have one of these?
Yep, a Light Bright. It was Casey's. His mom keeps stuff :) We have all the black papers too. One of them says "Fraggle Rock", hahaha!

Speaking of Light Brights, have you seen this??

Cool, right!?

As promised, I posted a review for my July 4th dress on and you can find it here. From now on, you can click on the little sidebar widget to read all my reviews! I'm not planning on going back and reviewing all the stuff I've made up until now, but those are all here on my blog anyway :)



  1. Oh, those tea party pics could not be any cuter!

  2. I might have a bunch of Disney black papers for the lite brite. If in going though our boxes of stuff, the actual lite brite does not turn up, then I would love to shower your cuties with more papers to play with :)