Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I made over my couch!

We bought this little couch long before we had kids. It wasn't the wisest, most forward-thinking fabric choice. Not only does is stain easily, the kids wallered the cushions until they were lumpy and squat and it was becoming less and less comfortable. Sooooo, I recently brainstormed for a solution. Here's what it looked like before:
I found a four yard chunk of this beautiful fabric in the Hobby Lobby remnant bin for only ten dollars and after another ten dollars for batting and a few afternoons' work, I had this...
You can't see the quilting in the picture, but I did use batting behind the fabric and quilted some basic diagonal lines. The quilting gives them more structure and avoids the lumpiness that happens when you make pillows out of cotton like this. I reused the stuffing from the previous cushions, so this makeover (unless you count what I paid to have the couch cleaned and Scotch Guarded today) was very inexpensive!

The fabric wasn't enough for all the backs, so I mixed and matched some fabrics from my stash. It looks pretty from the back :)

Casey was thrilled at how much more comfy it is now. He said, "Aw, you saved the couch!" Haha.

Quick change of subject, but I thought you might like to know that a spider had babies in my sewing room. Dreams of spiders kept me up all night and I felt itchy everywhere, like they were crawling all over me. EW! Our Terminix guy is coming tomorrow.

In the mean time, my sewing has migrated to the dining room, where I managed to remedy this little mess...

...into this...

Much better :)


  1. Nice update! It looks so fresh!

  2. looks great! i'm with you about the spiders--yikes. Good to hear a college gal like yourself to use a good word like "waller" ha ha! Sometimes only an Okie word will do; as in, "it's hotter than the inside of a cow" :D

  3. Love your couch make-over!

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