Wednesday, February 24, 2010

open for business!

So, it's happening a month later than I had planned (gee, I wonder what I could be so busy with) but my Etsy shop, Fancy Me Fabrics has opened! Like I mentioned before, I'll be selling handmade items in order to eventually (hopefully by mid-summer) be able to sell fabric!!! I'm very excited about that prospect.

For now, I have listed several ribbon tag baby blankets (the only full-size tag blankets on Etsy...) and several pair of soft baby shoes (two different styles.) Soon I'll be adding some Happy Birthday Banners, very different from anything else on Etsy, so I'll of course let you know when I post those!

Happy shopping! and tell your friends ;)


  1. Good for you, I'm sure you'll be incredibly successful. Where were you today? Will you still make eye contact with me once you're famous?