Monday, February 8, 2010

boy vs. pancake

Casey made pancakes for the kids on Saturday morning. While we were all distracted, Kelby spied the last one still sitting on the counter. After deliberating over what to do, he found himself something to stand on and dug right in.

I can see these photos on a scrapbook page very soon :) Little stinker.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I made this page for Natalie's book on Friday night at a friend's house. This was right after she was potty-trained (at 3 & 3 months!) and she looks sooooo little to me in these pics!!! I enjoyed her then, but I sure am enjoying her now too, as a big girl :) *sigh*

I had a just a couple of comments on the latte-making, so today I took some pics of the process and will post a little how-to tomorrow! Have a good snow-day, any fellow Coloradans!

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