Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Baby Girl is Two!!!!

Layla turned two today :) We had a WONDERFUL day. We let her open her gifts from our immediate family after our pancake breakfast this morning and then after church we went to Cici's Pizza for a Tinkerbell party, where LOTS of friends and family came to help us celebrate. I confiscated this picture of her and Casey from my mom's blog. Isn't is just so sweet? The crown is what my sister made for her, isn't it so cute?

Here's a great one of Natalie and her best buddy Cloe chowing down on their cupcakes.
And this was not today, but I just think it's funny ;)

Happy Birthday, my sweet Layla girl, I love you so much! xoxoxo


  1. Wishing Happy Birthday to Layla. And I love the picture of the little guy on your husband's lap, too precious!

  2. Happy Birthday to Layla!!!! We are so sorry that we could not make it today, but we love you very much and hope that you enjoyed your day!!!!!!!!
    The Jonesies

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