Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life Takes Over Sometimes

I know that since Kelby was born, I have not been posting as much as I used too. I figure he's a good excuse--along with the other two little ones I have, all under 4. :) However, I really have been making things and here's proof. I finished my flying geese quilt top! I LOVE it. I'm going to try to piece a back together with denim and/or corduroy. I can't wait. Whenever I lay a finished or in-progress quilt on the floor, the girls love to dance around on it. That's what Layla is doing here :)
AND, I made both these as gifts for my friend Jenn's birthday. Now that she's received them, I can finally blog them. These are both Amy Butler patterns that were given to me (thanks Julie!) and this may make some of you gasp, but I am NOT Amy Butler's biggest fan. Don't get me wrong, I think her designs are wonderful and her fabric is absolutely fabulous, but does anyone else think she is a little interfacing-happy??? I don't know what kind of machine she has that can sew through 6 layers of Timtex without causing her great frustration, as it does me! She even required interfacing for the lining of the little coin purse below! What? (I did not comply.) And I'm very disappointed with the purse flap. I used Timtex like she said, but after manipulating it SO much to sew the purse together, the whole thing has a kind of crinkled look. Oh, well, Jenn loves it and so I'm happy. The last time I made an Amy Butler pattern (the High Street Messenger Bag,) I didn't use it for almost a year because it was such a pain in the rear to make and I didn't even want to look at it! So there, that's all I have to say ;)


  1. I SOOOOOO agree with you on the Amy Butler thing. The pictures of the items on the front of the pattern ALWAYS suck me in! But, I'm telling you, if she were in the room while I am making one of her "Easy beginner" projects, I'd throw her right out the window and watch her bounce all the way down the street! Artistic ability MUST give up some room for logical instruction. And don't even get me started on her fetish for insulation (that was not a mistake...with her...the interfacing is so thick it might as well be called insulation!!)

    Good to read your blog again. We just got back from a long trip and I'm SOOO behind on just about everything. Maybe we can get together sometime over the next month? Yeah....that's how far behind I am......

  2. hi Nikki! I recently came across your blog and just had to write. You're things are beautfiul - and so are your babes! :)

    I, too, agree with what you and Julie say about Amy Butler. She does love the interfacing. And I think she also over instructs on her patterns. TMI, is that how they say it. She dumbs it down to the point of making it confusing - how does THAT happen!?

    Anyway, your bags came out great and the flying geese quilt is breathless! Keep up the good work.