Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Since there has not been a whole lot of quilting goin' on here this last week, I thought I'd share what I've been drooling over on Flickr. I've been saving the girls' baby dresses and things with plans to make them some quilts out of them in the future and these are my favorite ideas for that so far. I certainly have some more collecting to do, though!

I have a couple of sick babies on my hands. Layla does not do sick well, if that makes any sense, and she was up just about every hour last night. Add that to teething Kelby's three night feedings and that equals one tired Mama! Natalie started sneezing and coughing a few hours ago so we might be in for a fun weekend. Since Casey is out on military business all weekend, I am so so thankful that my mom is here and is so generous with her help!

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  1. Those are great inspirations. Thanks for sharing. And I wish the babies speedy recovery. I've been there and it isn't fun for anybody.