Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

This is the best picture they would let me get :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful transition into 2009! I know many people don't like the idea of making New Year's Resolutions, but I have been making them for several years and find them fun and rewarding. SO, this year's resolutions are:
  1. Keep in better touch with my Grandpa. He is now my only living grandparent and I love him so much, so it will be easy to drop him an email every now and then or send him some pictures of the kiddos in the mail.
  2. Get my 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day. I've made several small changes toward better health in the past year and this is just the next step. I like lots of veggies now that I didn't used to like, so this has been surprisingly easy so far (although it's only been 2 days ;) Plus, I fix lots of fruit for the girls anyway, so it's always around.
  3. Get down on the floor with my kids. This may seem weird, but I think the best way to give my kids my undivided attention for awhile is to get on the floor with them.
That's all of them for now, so I'll let you know how it all goes :) 2009 is a year of huge change for our family. After Casey graduates college in May, he'll be leaving for Officer Training School until October. Then we'll be returning to active duty army and moving on from Colorado. We are so excited about the next chapter, but it's all a little unnerving at the same time!

And, totally off the subject, does anyone know anything about flax seed??? I've been having the most horrible and constant hot flashes since Kelby was born and was recently told about Black Kohosh Root as a natural treatment. However, most sources say not to take that while breastfeeding. While I was researching that, though, I came across some information that a couple tablespoons of ground flax seed every day can help with hot flashes! For some reason that I can't remember now, I had a big package of it in the pantry so I opened it up, mixed some into my spaghetti sauce and some into my V8 juice. We'll see how it goes. Any information you all can help my with about hot flashes and what helps would be great. Man, it's so annoying!

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  1. anything you are eating or drinking that has 'niacin' in it can cause hot flashes....natural progestrone cream works's all natural so it isn't harmful....honey, i feel for you..been there done it for 2 straight years!! the black cohosh didn't seem to help me much....good luck!