Tuesday, October 28, 2008

May Farms and some Mongolia-related things

We took the kiddos to Byers to the May Farms Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. It was SO nice to do something as a family, since Casey has been so busy this semester. The girls had a blast, but Kelby was not thrilled about the wind :) We picked out a little pumpkin and while Layla was holding it on the way home, she took a nice bite out of the stem and was just chewin' away. They decorated our pumpkin with markers and stickers the next day (the easy way to do pumpkins, when you don't want to clean up the carving mess ;)

On another note, I think I've mentioned here before that my parents live in Mongolia. Yes, that's Mongolia. Anyway, my mom has a wonderful post on her blog about a Mongolian woman who runs a ministry there teaching other Mongolian women how to quilt! It's amazing and they really do beautiful work. Go visit and be inspired. I'm sure they would appreciate some of your scraps, hint, hint! :)
THEN, I was at the Angry Chicken today and she posted about these felted wool slippers from, guess where, Mongolia! Mom brings her grand kids these slippers all the time, so it was super cool seeing them on some one else's blog. All this to say, crafting is universal!

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  1. I love seeing your family times.....the last picture with your little ones scrunched up nose is a hoot!!!