Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Free-Motion Needs Work

I made this quilted pillow for my rocking chair. Partly because I could use some lumbar support while rocking Kelby, partly because I love these fabrics so much, that they just had to make their way into my living room somehow and partly because I needed to practice free motion on something small. I did get better as I went along, but I have a hard time keeping the stitches even. Not too bad, though and I do really like it a lot.
We had such a good day yesterday. Wednesdays are long, since Casey doesn't come home at all between school and work and he has the car, so some days everyone melts down by the afternoon. But, yesterday was a gift. I made the girls a "picnic snack" in the living room mid-morning, while they watched Tarzan (I love that movie!) and they thought it was super cool. (Quick tip--kids think anything in a muffin tin is cool.) After naptime, the girls played in the back with the leaves until dinner and even after dinner until bedtime. All while Kelby slept the day away and I made a pillow :) and cleaned the house and sorted and changed out the seasons of all the kids' clothes. I tell ya, if I don't stay on top of the clothes, they can easily take over the house. Hope your day was just as great!


  1. your pillow is so pretty! I think your free motion looks great!

  2. This pillow is wonderful--good job! I think I've shared before that the real secret to free motion is sitting on one cheek and poke your tongue out. :) ...well, it works for me. Angels are adorable and your quilt is absolutely stunning!
    Proud Mom

  3. love your pillow...aren't those fabrics just divine? i think your quilting is looking good!

  4. I love the pillow.

    It is SO true that the clothing will overtake the house. It seems that no sooner do you have one set put away and its time to do it again, esp those first few months.

  5. The pillow is so cute! I am a beginner machine quilter too, so I can understand the uneven stitches. I want to practice more, but now i am working on Christmas gifts, so that will have to wait a while.

    The muffin tin snacks are a cute idea! My Aubry would love it!

  6. Your pillow (and kids!) are adorable.

    I'm a beginning quilter (taking my first class) and am determined to learn free motion quilting! You did a fantastic job!