Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Such a Thief

Both the things I'm sharing here today are ideas I totally stole from other blogs. That's why we all do this, though, right? I hope? Anyway, my friend Jen and I have been wanting to make a quilt together. We met in Georgia, shortly before both our husbands left for Iraq and I am convinced it was a Providential friendship, right from the beginning. We now live in different states and since we so miss creating together, we try to find ways to have a long-distance-creativity relationship :) SO, without either of us mentioning it to the other, we both happened upon this post on Crazy Mom Quilts and both knew this would be the perfect quilt for us to make. It's called a Spider Web and you can see a pic of a finished one here and find the pattern here.
THEN, yesterday, I made the girls a felt board, since I had seen this post on Let's Explore and thought it was a total stroke of genius. It's kinda like a home made flannel graph. And, since I'm certainly not lacking for felt, when they get board with these pieces, I can simply make different ones! I'm thinking an alphabet next.


  1. I LOVE it!! I can't wait to start mine! So, are we doing two blocks exactly the same each time and then sending them, or are we just making two blocks at a time, not the exact same?

    Love the felt board, too. When my girlies are a little older that might have to be something I try...

  2. that is a totally cool quilt...i'm not sure i have the patience to make this one. can't wait to see more. it's going to be a fun project for both of you.