Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Pumkin's Demise

This is what becomes of our carefully-decorated pumpkins year after year. This time, however, the little guy was brave enough to eat it in broad daylight, with the front door open, so Casey got a picture. Oh, well. We had a great time at our church's harvest party on Friday night. I made Natalie this fairy dress out of a thrifted sheet several weeks ago. I went ahead and let her play with it, hoping it would last until Haloween, and thankfully, it did. Layla's wearing the clown costume that I originally made for Natalie a few years ago. Since we lent it out last Haloween, it's gotten lots of great use, which is great, 'cause it's so adorable. I think it's one of those things I'll always keep. And, finally, Kelby was wearing a pumpkin outfit, but I thought he was getting too warm, so I eventually took it off and stuck him in my sling, where he slept through the rest of the party :) It has been uncharacteristically warm here for a Colorado October--usually we plan costumes around tights and jackets, but not this year! I have some more different stuff to share, so more tomorrow--if all the little ones cooperate. And they should, since tomorrow is my birthday, after all!


  1. Your kids look so cute!!!

    That's a funny squirrel, I'm surprised it didn't take off running. Were you really that close to it or did you zoom in with your camera?