Friday, January 25, 2008

This, That and the Other Thing

Here is a picture of the lovely apron I made for Becky for her b-day on Wednesday. Her hubby was at school, so we had a girls' night here. Melissa made amazing fondue, I made some non-alcoholic Sangria, (since half of us are pregnant) and a chocolate pound cake and we watched the new Hairspray movie, which I really love.

Second, here's a picture of Layla, since someone complained that she has not appeared here for a little while. And, third is a picture of Natalie, when she fell asleep face-down on the floor yesterday at nap time, after making quite a mess of her room, as you can see. She rarely takes naps these days, so it was pretty funny.

Last, but NOT LEAST, there is a very inspiring post here about a girl and India and sari blankets that is a must-read. Follow the links there to get the whole story, it is pretty amazing.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. Okay, so I know Becky is pregnant again, but who else at your girls' night is? You or Melissa?

  2. Looks like you girls have just had a great time! I'm thinking your house is going to be filled with girls but maybe you'll get a boy this time! LOL. I love sangria's! You'll have to give me the recipe! That's what I go to Olive Garden for. I don't know how you manage with Natalie not taking a nap. Taylor is one ill child if she doesn't get at least 2 hours! It's an absolute must around my house. Glad to see things are going well. Love the apron. I'm working on a purse and an Easter bucket! I'll have to send you a picture. I'm sure with all your talent you could do it in 20 minutes. They are super cute though! I'm only making mine so I can monogram one for Van so that he can have one to match Taylor!