Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Quilt from Granny

Granny finished Natalie's quilt for her "big-girl-bed" and gave it to Natalie this morning. I LOVE how it turned out and these fabrics are so amazing. The colors are great, everything is so great! In case you're wondering about these pictures, we tossed the quilt over her little table to make a tent. It makes for long periods of great fun. (The fabrics are from this collection from Purl Soho, although I noticed they now have less than half of these fabrics left.) Hmmm, this puts me in a quilting mood.


  1. This reminds me. Did you ask Casey if you guys would like the day bed for Natalie? - Aunt Teddi

  2. I love it! Big girl beds are the best!! Hopefully she will do as good as Taylor has done in hers.
    Kellye Pinkard

  3. Tell your mom if she ever gets bored... I've got a toddler who would love something like this!

    Hope you're feeling better and you're having a good time with your mama!

    Love ya!