Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Battle of Wits

This is a picture of the lovely dresser that Casey's Dad (P-Pa) built when Natalie was born. The ribbons and hooks are NOT part of the actual dresser, they are just the solution to Natalie emptying her drawers, climbing INTO the drawers and changing her clothes five times a day, now that she is no longer constrained to a crib. I think God gave me Natalie to keep me on my toes. About a year ago was when I was trying to fix the taking-off-the-p.j's-and-diaper-and-pooping situation. (I finally thought to turn the p.j.'s around and zip them up the back, which worked like a charm, until somehow she figured out how to get them off that way too.) Anyway, I refused to spend $50 on these fancy magnetic locks, which are the only ones that won't ruin the wood with holes, so I sat in front of that dresser until I figured out a remedy! So far, it's working. I don't expect it will last too long, though. Natalie has been given some fitting nicknames over the last few years: Master of Destruction, Elastigirl, and Future Reverse Engineer being a few of them. If we had only had Layla, I don't think we would have had to baby-proof one single thing in our house. Ah, how different God makes us!

Anyway, on to other things :) Here are a few pics of Natalie and Daddy playing in the snow. He took her out while he shoveled the walks and she had a blast, of course.

I have the quilting bug again. I'm finding it could be really expensive to buy all the fabrics for a whole quilt all at once, so for now I'm working on building my stash. I ordered a retro flowers stash builder collection from Keepsake Quilting and and I bought some great remnants from my semi-local quilting store, which I love and have resolved to get to more often. I was looking at The Fat Quarter Shop last night and they have some GREAT patterns and some good free ones too!

Lastly, there is a great, encouraging and liberating post about Bible reading on Femina, if anyone is interested.

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  1. Love the invention to keep her out of the dresser! Taylor does that too! She's even taken the clothes out of my dresser so she could sit in the drawer or climb in it to get to the tv. They are such stinkers!!! The second one is much different! Van is just so laid back and low key but man is his sister a drama queen! I just added a bunch of new pictures to myspace you need to look at them. She's into everything! Hope all is well. Love the quilt and the dresser. Your father in law did an awesome job!!!