Friday, January 11, 2008

More of Layla's Birthday

Here are some of the pictures Angela sent me from Layla's party. Can you believe these blue eyes??? I LOVE the one of Natalie and the balloon, she looks too pooped to pop and also the one with 4 generations of Casey's family on his mom's side, even though Natalie's picking her nose.

I have two people joining me in Psalm 139. Any other takers? I got the first four verses down yesterday, but don't be impressed because I've actually memorized those four verses before.

So, lastly, Natalie came in our room this morning after Casey woke up and said, "Daddy, are you the man?" Can you imagine how thrilled he was?? He kept asking her all morning who the man is and she says, "You're the man, Daddy." I have no idea where she learned this.

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