Saturday, January 5, 2008

Birthday Girl

My baby girl turned one yesterday!! We had a BIG day, a great party, some great presents and tasty cake. My butterfly cake turned out a little over-decorated, but still cute, I must say. Layla couldn't finish her piece, she eventually sat back and stuck her thumb in her mouth. The first picture here is of Layla looking at her scrapbook. She turns the pages and everything, she loves it. The last is a picture of the paint can my Aunt Teddi decorated for Layla's time capsule. We're still collecting items, but so far we have a pair of her shoes, a list of what things cost this year, a list of what's in style (written by the three teenage girls at the party, of course), some pictures, a post card from my parents from Singapore. Casey's going to write a prediction of what Layla will be like when she's 18 and I'm going to write a letter too. Anyone have any other ideas??

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  1. I would still like to write about my girls and the adventure of adoption, if you want me to, that is. :) Thanks for the chit-chat today. I know you were tired and didn't need me and my stress, but I really just needed to vent and you were perfect! Thanks! I can't wait for you to get your box... Love ya!