Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Etsy love and what to buy for dudes.

First off, if your name is Casey and you are my husband, please read no further! xoxo ;)

Second, Etsy is the place to shop for husbands. Men in general, really. I'm tellin' ya. Type in whatever your man is in to and you will have options galore. Etsy is not the girlie/crafty site you may be envisioning. For Casey's birthday last month, I bought him the most awesome mug ever. He makes a White Russian every Friday night and so I searched for beer mugs on Etsy and found this:

I got his name etched onto it and being the huge Harry Potter fan that he is, he LOVED it. The shop is called Geeky Glassed and he makes other designs too, more H.P. ones, Star Wars ones, Game of Thrones, you name it. And, the quality is unbeatable, it is very sturdy!

I always shop for Casey's Christmas gifts on Etsy too. We normally only do stocking stuffers for each other for Christmas so it's the perfect place to find cool small things. Like these cool composer magnets, for example, from the shop SugarPlumRobots.

She makes tons of buttons/magnets, but being a musician, Casey will think these are super cool. Last year I got him a few composer action figures that he didn't have (yes, they're a real thing). Except for Bach! Bach is darn expensive! I'll get my hands on him one day, though.

Next up, I looked for more Harry Potter stuff and found these cool Hogwarts letter seals.
They're peel and stick and I can see him using these on his letters to his buddy Curtis, a die-hard Harry Potter fan. This shop is called Retromancer.

The next two things will not fit in his stocking, but that's ok, cause they're sooooo cool.

I typed in Star Wars and could not believe that I found the original Star Wars soundtrack ON VINYL!! and for a normal price too (some people get ahold of collector's items and try to pretend they're worth $100). This one was $25. It's a two-record set, from 1977. He is going to absolutely flip out. I found it in the JustCoolRecords shop and I favorited his shop because he has some other really awesome hard-to-find-at-Goodwill records. AND, he made it really easy for me to pay little extra for Priority shipping to make sure it gets here by Christmas.

Lastly, I got him this amazing piece of art from the shop Harshness. It's by far the coolest Millennium Falcon artwork I've ever seen.

If you have a Star Wars lover in your family, you should absolutely check out this shop!!! Great stuff.

That's all for now! What do you all buy for your husbands? Are they are hard to shop for as mine is? I'm so thankful for Etsy, that's for sure. It has made Christmas shopping for Casey sooooo much easier these last couple years. I get so excited for him to open his presents! He never asks for anything and can never think of anything he wants so I'm pretty much on my own. And he's extremely picky about his clothes, even though he has the most simplistic wardrobe of any guy I know--except maybe his Dad, so I guess they are two peas, haha! His t-shirts have to have that "certain feel". LOL! Feel free to add your shopping-for-men ideas in the comments!

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  1. Wow, those gifts are just amazing! My Hubby isn't too hard to shop for, thankfully. :o)