Monday, December 9, 2013

Another gift idea for you! Homemade lotion bars

I have made no less than 20 of these lotion bars over the past few weeks. I have one sitting on my kitchen counter and we all use it and absolutely love it! I really love how it feels and smells and how it protects my skin.

Here is the recipe I used.

I already had the coconut oil and I've been building my collection of essential oils. (The oils are optional, they smell great without them too!) I bought the heart molds at Michael's in the soap isle--the three pack was $2.99. The shea butter and beeswax pestules, I had to order on Amazon. You may be able to find them where you live, but I couldn't.  So, I think in total, these gifts were somewhere between $30 and $40 to make, if I count the little plates I got at Goodwill to store them on. But that's for 20 gifts!! That's a lot. And I have enough ingredients to make more. They are fast to make and very easy. The even dry quickly.

Like I said, I searched Goodwill for little plates/glass coasters to present them on.

 I thought it necessary to explain, haha.

For the scent, I've tried lavender/lemon and orange/almond. I like the orange and almond the best! I added about 20 drops of each essential oil per batch. A batch made four of the molds I used. Also, you'd be best not bothering to wash your utensils between batches--that beeswax does come off, but it takes some time, so I just set my measuring cup and wooden spoon aside and used it for the next batch the next day.


  1. Such a great idea using the little dishes to gift them on! Maybe it's my dry cracked hands talking, but the bars actually LOOK creamy. I bet no one can resist trying them out right away!

  2. What a charming idea! I'm going to make your idea for wrapping on dishes.