Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Duds

Okay, I'll admit, this one is mostly for the Grandparents :) My mom took my girls and I to the mall several weeks ago and decked out my kids for Easter. I think the one thing the girls were most excited about today was to finally get to wear their new Easter clothes! Kelby didn't care all that much, true to his all-boy nature, but he sure did look adorable!
I made my dress! More on that later this week :)
Annnnnd, check this out--drum roll please........
Casey wore a tie :)


  1. You guys look AMAZING!! Love Kelby's shorts and shoes! Too cute! I hope you had a blessed Easter. Love you all!

  2. That's what I noticed too...before I even read what you wrote...that Casey was wearing a tie!!!! He looks very handsome. And your dress is AMAZING! Your kids look so cute too...Layla seems quite pleased with her purse!

  3. Kelby, when you out grow those cute shoes, please send them my way. If they don't fit my little boy, maybe they'll fit me...?

  4. Thank you! You all look great (this said after coffee came out my nose when I saw Casey with a tie ;)

  5. I love your dress, it is so pretty! do you mind me asking what pattern you used?