Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catching Up

More scrapbook pages, I know, I know. But, it's what I've been up to so I'm sharing, like it or not :) Well, it's not ALL I've been up to, just what I've been up to while watching TV in the evenings. That is, if I don't have a mountain of laundry to fold like I do tonight, ha!

Other than that...

  • The kids and I have planted some seedlings! We just couldn't wait :)
  • We'll be wrapping up Ocean Week (we extended it a week) on Friday. I think we'll move on to a Recycling theme for next week! Should be fun.
  • I just learned today that my grandmother's first name was Rosina, ha! I had NO idea! Don't know how I missed that one. 
  • My kids have fallen head over heels for the Magic School Bus. That Ms. Frizzle is soooooo funny. Too bad they are not more plentiful at the library! 
  • Will Ferrell on the Office is not that funny. But, I'm no really a fan of his anyway. 
  • I might not watch American Idol tonight *gasp*. My favorite (Paul) got the boot a few weeks ago so now I just don't really care that much. It's easier to spend a few minutes looking up each performance on YouTube the next day. Saves me about an hour and a half. 
Annnnnnnd, that's all she wrote :)


  1. Great pages. As I told Donna Petrie the other's just not fair for one person do have so much talent AND to be so pretty :) I do enjoy your posts!

  2. This post makes me miss you! Don't know why, but I thought I'd share. :) Can't wait for the next time we get to be together and be creative...

  3. Hi! I'm Jami, one of Casey's 3rd cousins from Texas. My mom Martha is cousins with Becky. I love reading your blog and catching up on family! After reading that your kids love Magic School Bus, I wanted to share something with you! If you google Discovery Education Streaming and sign up for an account, you can watch all of the Magic School Bus videos! I teach 2nd grade and my students love them! Hope yall enjoy! :)