Friday, January 21, 2011

What do you eat for lunch??

The other day, I handed the girls a bag of cards that Grandma had given them to cut up. Then I found them a couple shoe boxes when they asked for them. Other than that, I had absolutely nothing to do with this:
It's a fairy house, in case you're wondering.
See the little mailbox on the bottom left of the bigger box? That's my favorite part. And the calendar under the Santa sticker. And the clock above the mantle shelf is awesome.

This morning we thought our water heater was out...but Kelby had just turned the temperature knob down. Whew! Too bad we didn't discover that before I took a lukewarm shower, haha.

My back has been out all week. It's the pits. I don't like to take muscle relaxers, because they make me cranky. And then I sin toward my children :) so I suffered through and thankfully I started feeling better yesterday.

What do you eat for lunch?? I'm only asking because lately I'm bored with my at-home lunch choices. Casey usually takes all the leftovers, so I have to scrounge around for myself every day. Your ideas would be tomorrow is grocery shopping day, haha. 

This is adorable:

And that's all for today! Oh, except I almost forgot this:
HAHAHA! From left to right, the lovely Melissa, the very-pregnant-then-but-not-pregnant-now Becky, and me :)
Have a happy, happy Friday!


  1. Do you have a sanwich maker? Tortilla pizzas...some pizza sauce, pepperoni and mozarella cheese, put it in your sandwich maker.

  2. dealing with blood sugar issues has forced me to think ahead--it's all about the food! Anyway, I try to have a variety of good stuff on hand to throw together in either soups or salads during the week: chickpeas, cleaned greens, cooked grains or whole wheat pasta, etc. Maybe some healthy deli meat of your own for some protein...hope this helps. LOVE the house! They certainly have The Genes ;)