Thursday, January 6, 2011

Layla's Birthday!

As promised, I have some pictures of Layla's birthday to share :) She wanted a Minnie Party, so we invited her best buddies over and had a blast.
On a side note, I've been pondering making up some PDF patterns for a few things that I've designed. This birthday banner could be one of them, but I'd like to know how much interest is out there before I go to all that work. Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in something like that! 
I got this Minnie Mouse game at the Party Store for just a few dollars. It was fun! 
I wanted a picture of all the kids. Kinsley didn't want to be in it, though and this is the best I got, even though Natalie is picking her nose. Oh, well :)
Melissa made the cake. CUTE, right!?
There's the birthday girl! 
I'm in love with this next photo. Baby on the inside, baby on the outside, so cute :)
Natalie made Layla this Cinderella coloring book and wrapped it in a gift bag that she also made out of paper. It was too cute. (I'm the one with the really cheesy smile).
That was the party. But, on her actual birthday (Tuesday), I took some special picture of just Layla. I love this idea and would like to start doing this on all my kids' birthdays. They turned out so cute. 
Here's my happy 4-year-old!!!!
And my favorite...
Aw. Happy Birthday, Sweet, Sweet, Layla Jane!!!!!!


  1. what fun!! and such great pictures too!

  2. What a wonderful time--precious memories for Layla & all. The pictures are really great--good job!

  3. looks like you all had a great time! LOVE the pics and LOVE the adorable cake! im commenting to say this 'uuuhhhh- hello??!!!! YES of course i would be interested in something like your birthday banner! you could totally sell this stuff on etsy!' :) hope that you are well!

  4. Two things - one is that I would for sure buy your birthday banner pattern. Second is that your blog is food for the soul of a mommy that misses her little ones who did the unthinkable and grew up. I love looking at your happy family and watching them grow. Maybe someday when yours are as big as mine, I'll be a grandma and can share my pictures with you!