Monday, January 17, 2011


We finally got our hall bathroom all fixed up! This is the first of three bathrooms to get a make-over. I won't keep you waiting :) Here's the before:
The bones were good--although I wish I'd gotten a picture of the really ugly light :)  But, the mirror was already there, as were the shutters and the vintage countertop. Here's what it looks like now:
This may be the smallest room in the house, but I think it took the most work! I removed wallpaper (I don't want to talk about it) and Casey installed bead board. I then painted the walls and bead board, replaced the fabric in the shutters and spray painted the mirror. Oh, and Casey installed the light, which we got on Craigslist (I know, surprise, surprise). It's such a happy room now!

I need to get some new hand towels to match, but that hand towel holder is an old mail slot we found at the Salvage Lady. We were looking for an old door handle or something but found this instead and it's perfect! And, much cheaper than a store-bought one. (Anyone else think some things are just way overpriced?)

Since I finally got around to painting the girls room over the weekend, I couldn't help sharing a sneak peek :)
See that pink cordless drill up there? Yep, that's part of my new pink tool set that Casey got me for Christmas. I LOVE it! Use it all the time--it makes me feel so empowered, haha.


  1. Love it!!! You are SO handy and creative AND empowered. ;)

  2. You're so nice to let your little girls have a pink room...Love the bathroom...will you please relay to my husband that beadboard is awesome?

  3. hi friend! LOVE the new bathroom- its definitely super cheerful! and i cant wait to see all of the pics once the girls room gets finished... the preview was just enough to really get my excited!