Monday, January 10, 2011

Feelin' Good

I recently realized that I feel blah. Then I realized I felt blah last January too, I even remember blogging something along those lines. SO, this year, instead of wallowing in my unmotivated, antisocial, irritable funk, I did some reading and decided to do something about it. After reading plenty of information in this book (amazing resource, I use it all the time) and this book, I went out and got myself a good multi-vitamin, some Vitamin B1 and a St. John's Wort supplement. I started taking them all last week and started feeling a little better yesterday. Today, I feel a HUGE difference. Suddenly the foggy feeling in my head has lifted, I have more energy and the pressure is gone. I wanted to share that because I think natural supplements like St. John's Wort can make a big difference for people who deal with minor depression or those who want to help themselves out naturally, without pulling out the big guns.

Moving on :)
I was able to go to Archivers to scrapbook on Saturday night. I needed a night off and Casey is so gracious to manage the kids occasionally so I can get out, without ever complaining. We laughed a lot and had a great time. I only did two of these pages that night, but have been doing some pages here at home too. I think after all the Christmas sewing, I needed to switch gears for a bit :)
Looking at all these photos of my kids when they were tiny almost made me want to cry!!! I know they're still little, but MAN, it goes by fast.

Today I switched gears and finally added borders to this quilt top, since I'm working on getting our bedroom finished. I have some throw pillows to make, the bathroom to paint and some big maps to find for the wall, but it's coming along.
And, like much of the country, we had some big snow over the weekend!! The kids are lovin' it--and the hot chocolate they know they get after they're done playing :)
Stay warm, everyone :)


  1. Oh MY! I LOVE how your bedroom quilt is turning out... the colors are INCREDIBLE!!! I really like the other pages you did and the pictures of the kids are FANTASTIC!!! Your talent simply amazes and inspires me!!!

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  3. nikki- i just got a minute to take a look at your post- i LOVE your scrapbook pages! they are seriously cute! i cant wait till i have kiddies so i can scrapbook their little lives too. i so wish we lived closer so i could scrapbook with you! maybe someday, right??
    anyway- hope you're having a great day! :)