Saturday, December 11, 2010

Told ya...

I said I'd try to take some pics this week and did manage a few. I also promised to let you know how my tissue poms turned out. What do you think??
Not bad, right?? They were really pretty easy--or they would have been without three curious pairs of "helping" hands around the table with me :) I'm so excited to host this baby shower for one of my best friends ever!! Casey is working all weekend, so hopefully I don't kill myself trying to hang these from the ceiling, ha!

I also remembered something I forgot on my last post's like list. I had been wanting a little Nativity set just for the kids to play with, so when I found a four-week Nativity lesson plan for my class of kids at church, it wasn't hard to convince myself to just buy one :) I ran out and got the Little People Nativity and we have been loving it ever since!
I highly recommend this. It has lots of pieces and characters to make it fun, plus it sings and lights up when you put the angel on top. I am a little curious, though, about why there are no shepherds.

The weather here in Colorado has been really unbelievable. I never remember a December in the 60's, but that's what we're getting! It's nice, though, since the kids can play outside still--my house stays so much cleaner that way ;) Speaking of house cleaning, that's what I'm off to do now--not that I won't have to do it again tomorrow. May be time to toss the kiddos outside for the day, haha.


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  2. I love our Little People Nativity set too! Ours came with shepherds in our set though... I don't know why they changed that! CRAZY! I LOVE how the poms turned out and I hope you guys had a fantastic shower!