Tuesday, September 7, 2010

told ya...

...a lot of my friends are pregnant!
These are my two oldest friends, Becky (on the left) and Melissa (in the middle).  Our families got together the other night and played some bocce ball and some poker while the kiddos played and stayed up way past their bed times :) It was fun. It always is, because there is something so easy and comforting about being with old friends.  They just love you how you are.  

Becky is the friend I told you about that is having a girl, yay! I told you I had a lot of girl projects I wanted to try and this was one of them:
Sooooo much fun, I just couldn't wait to give it to her :)  I'll have to make more things for the baby shower later on :)  I really like this little headband and I totally made the pattern up myself!! So proud, I didn't think I could do anything like that.  I will try and get it typed out and maybe post a pattern for it here IF anyone expresses interest in the comments. I would love to share :)

Casey has had a 4-day weekend (gotta love the military), so we are getting a lot of family time in (although today that family time finally made him aware of why I don't take our kids grocery shopping ;)  I hope your week is going swell!

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