Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gender neutral

I have a LOT of expecting friends right now.  Usually when this happens, I am right there expecting as well, but no more! It's kinda fun, everyone being pregnant but me.  It makes gifting more fun, that's for sure.  I have been to two baby showers in the last few weeks and neither mama knows what they are having, so I had to get a little more creative with the gift giving.  Here's what I came up with :)
These are my go-to baby gift, but in a perfectly gender-neutral fabric. I cannot believe how great this fabric works for both genders!!  I got this fabric at the Fancy Tiger downtown, you may remember me talking about it here.  I eeked out two pair of these cuties from what I had left.
The bottoms are pretty cute too :)

Then, for my friend Melissa, I got out some bamboo yarn (really soft :) and made this little hat:
I went ahead and made the flower, but didn't attach it, hence the long tails.  I told her if it's a girl, I'll put it on there for her.  If it's a boy, I guess I could turn it into hair clip for Kinsley, the cute big sister :)

Something else I love giving as baby gifts!
Must have for every new mama in my opinion. If you split the cost of this one (like two friends and I did), it's a great gift for less than $10.  Actually, I would recommend anything by Dr. Sears and there is plenty in the series to choose from.  The Fussy Baby Book was sent to me by divine Providence (I truly believe that!) when Natalie was a baby.  It was a lifesaver and made me feel like it wasn't just me; some babies just defy the rules! Also, I recently finished reading The NDD Book.  Very enlightening and reaffirming of why our family eats the way we do.  Good kid recipes in the back too! Except the crock pot oatmeal.  That did not work for me. (As in, I had oatmeal gushing out, spilling onto the counter and in huge globs on the floor by morning.)

I am SO excited that my other pregnant friend Becky found out today that she is having a girl!!!!!  She has two boys already, so we are all very thrilled about this news! AND, I finally get to make some of the cute baby girl things I've been seeing around! Mmmmm, thinking about it makes me want to get started :)

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  1. Oh, those booties are SO cute! Can I buy a pair? E-mail me! :)