Monday, July 19, 2010

Vote for Kelby's Birthday Cake

We're going to build a sandbox in our backyard as Kelby's birthday present. (He's turning 2 in a few weeks.)  The obvious birthday theme to go along with the sandbox is tractors, so that's what the plan is.  BUT, my Dad has worked on Caterpillars almost my whole life, so John Deere anything is simply not an option :) These are the three cake pics I found online to choose from.  Please cast your vote in the comments (Blogger is having a problem with the poll gadget not showing votes, boo) and I'll let my super-talented friend Melissa know which one wins.  Thanks!! :)

Here's option A:
Obviously, the 3 would be a 2.  (Source)

Here's option B:
These tractors would be yellow and orange rather than green for reasons already stated ;) (Source)

And here's option C:

Thanks for voting!  This is fun, hehe.  Before I go, I have two things to say.  First, THANK YOU for all your kind comments about my kitchen! And, my call to lurkers worked because that's the most comments I've received on a post to date, I think.  Keep 'em coming, it makes blogging that much more fun and I always follow the links and look at your blogs too!

Second, I must send you to check out my friend Melissa's Special Kakes page.  She really does amazing work.  Here's proof:
Alright, that's enough, although I wanted to post 10 more :)  But, CUTE, right???? If you live in the Denver area, now you know who to call. So there ya go :)


  1. Sooooo.... I voted, but it didn't count my vote... Weird! Just in case my vote never shows up, I'd go with Option C.... SO Cute!!!

  2. I was about to post exactly what Jenn said. :)

  3. i say C with melissa's spin on it ;)

  4. Hey i know every one is saying C but i think A would be a better choice its simpler and looks more appetizing. Or you could always do a big cake in the shape of a dump truck and instead of it saying Tonka it could say Kelby

  5. I vote A. Sometimes less is more. It is cute and simple.

  6. I vote C.

    And Oh my word your kitchen looks fantastic!

  7. I'm voting for the first one...which is A. All of the cakes are really super cute!

  8. to avoid Jenn & Julie's obstacle, and, since I'm your mother ;) I'm just voting here. I think C is amazing, but A also gets my vote if you want simpler. TOO cute!

  9. I think C totally looks so boy-like! It looks like a construction site...which all little boys LOVE, only this one they can really dig into and EAT!


    has my vote!

  11. I like A, simple and cute :o) Amie in Tn.

  12. I'm also going with C, but I do like the cookies on option B. Making me hungry!