Monday, July 12, 2010

Tug of War, NPR, and Freshly Ground

We went to the party of the year down in Colorado City on Saturday.  Casey's Uncle Scott and his girlfriend Tara put on a HUGE bash that they've been planning since...well, last year probably.  I didn't take that many pictures, unfortunately, but I did get these of some tug-o'-war action:

There were over 200 people there to enjoy the live band, sand volleyball, horseshoes, a fire pit, some fireworks, and lots more.  It was pretty fun, to say the least :)

I took this one of Layla on the way down there. I love this picture:

And this one of Kelby eating dirt at Gramma's house...again:

On another note completely, I've been listening to a little NPR recently and on the way to Colorado City the other day, they featured a South African band called Freshly Ground.  They recently recorded a song with Shakira, but their own latest album is called Radio Africa and Casey and I both really like it.  For some reason, this album is not available on iTunes, but you can check out the songs and buy their music here.  We love finding new, good music :)

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  1. These pictures are great
    I love a tug of war!