Tuesday, July 27, 2010

makin' stuff

I've been in a making mood.  I made a few things today, but can't decide if I should post them all at once or spread them out over a few days.  We'll see how far Kelby lets me get ;)

Do you know how many fun games you can play with bean bags?? No? You should google it, because there are tons.  I've made a few sets of bean bags for other people when asked, but it's about time I made some for our own family to have around. I grabbed some scraps and made a dozen--6 girl ones and 6 boy ones.

Kelby's already had some fun with these today.  I like that he has something he can throw without hurting anyone :)

I have seen lots of these mason jar vases/candle holders around.  We went to a beautiful wedding in Estes park last week and there were some of these on the chairs.  It reminded me that I've been wanting to do that, so when I saw some more baby roses on our bush out back, I grabbed a jar and some wire and turned them into this:

They're hanging on our front porch now, welcoming us home.

Then, since the kids were a little extra whiney this morning and a good art project is always a good remedy for that, we sat down together to make some scribble art.  This project is pretty self-explanatory. You scribble all over a piece of paper, then color in the spaces all kinds of colors. Natalie got really into it. So did Kelby, he's good at scribbling ;) Layla put a smiley face in each space.  It was cute.

AND, since my mom took my girls for the afternoon and Kelby took a long nap, I even sewed some curtains for my sliding glass door! Yep, it was a productive day, but before you go thinking all my days are like this, just know this is more "making things" than I've accomplished in the last month, so I consider today a gift.  (I'll show pics of the curtains when they're hanging up and when the family room is all decorated :)

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