Monday, June 28, 2010

things you can do when you have a backyard:

You can cut some flowers to give your pastor's wife.

You can paint on the picnic table outside and get it everywhere if you want because...well, because it's outside.

You can twirl...
..and you can climb.

And you can hang your clothes to dry after you get in the kiddie pool fully dressed.

You can play in the tent Mommy made on the clothes line out of a sheet.
And you can ride bikes on the deck.  The first time they did this, Natalie said, "look Mom, I turned!" Because on the little patio we had before, there was no turning going on :)

And you can have a picnic lunch under the big tree in your front yard.  We tried to name our tree.  We determined it's a girl tree (because Natalie said so,) but her name is yet undecided. We are open to suggestions.

From our yard to yours, have a Happy Monday :)


  1. I am so, so excited for you. We need to have you guys over sometime.

  2. I follow your blog sometimes and all I can say is how happy I am for all of you! The kids are just precious and will just love their new outdoor space. My kids used to LOVE catching lightning bugs out back! Then we would put them in jars and use them as nightlights. My kids are almost grown now but now I have GS that's almost 3 :o) Anyway, I'm glad ya'll are enjoying your new home!! Amie in Tn.

  3. Honestly, Nikki - you should write a book! So beautifully put, both in words and pictures, and a great reminder that it is a family that makes a house a home.

  4. Your home looks like such a sactuary of peace and love. How fun to watch it transform under your creative watch. And the tree? She looked like Gladice to me -