Monday, June 7, 2010

on stage

Natalie had her very first ballet recital over the weekend.  The pics I got at the dress rehearsal weren't great, so I took her outside before we left for the recital and took these pictures of her in her costume.  She did so good. And not an ounce of stage fright.  All she kept saying was, "I love being on stage, I wanna keep doing ballet so I can go on stage again!"  I'm so proud of her :)


  1. How exciting for her and you! Love the costume it's like a rainbow in clouds. Did you make this for her?

  2. Tell Natalie that we are so sorry that we missed it. Just couldn't get it together with everything else we had that day. I am glad that Jordan got to see her perform. Sounds like she is destined for stardom.

  3. I cannot get over how much the girls look so much like the two of you; they are so precious! And don't you go all freaky over my grammar. lolz